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safety measures

the safety of our workforce is our top priority

We take our staff safety very seriously. We know construction workers are exposed to high risk environments, so we have implemented host of safety measures at out construction sites to ensure the health and safety of our staff.

construction safety

steps to ensure the safety of our workforce

safety Training

All our workers must undergo both generic and site specific safety training before they begin work on site

safety audits

We periodically conduct safety audits and drills to ensure the workers are aware how to report, assess and address potential risks

site security

We restrict site access only to authorized people through on site security guard and ID cards to prevent pedestrians from entering into site

clear signage

We have made it mandatory to put visible signage throughout site to guide workers on accessing site amenities and during emergency situations

entry & exit points

We have established separate entry and exit points for heavy machinery/vehicle access, to strengthen pedestrian safety at high traffic points

first aid

All our construction sites are equipped with first aid officer and kits to help workers during emergency situations

Personal Protective Equipment

We provide all our workers with personal protective equipment such as high vis vests, safety goggles, safety helmets and safety harnesses

compliant chemical storage

We use high quality, compliant outdoor storage solutions such as explosive storage cabinets to segregate chemicals to minimize fires, spillage and explosions

environmental condition monitoring

Our on-site emergency plan provides clear guidelines for workers who need to stop work in the event of natural disaster, severe environmental conditions or other emergency circumstances


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